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Bienvenue from Shân!

Welcome from Shân, owner/director of The Language Locker!

12 Oct 2020

!Hola! from Irene!

Meet Spanish tutor Irene Guzman-Hertas!

11 Oct 2020

El Caminito del Rey (5)

Irene and her friends visit El Caminito del Rey; known in the past as the "world's most dangerous walkway". Best for Y11 and A Level students.

20 Oct 2020

'Salut, hola!' from Isabelle!

Meet French & Spanish tutor Isabelle Jones :)

11 Oct 2020

Bonjour from Vittoria!

Meet Vittoria Mounot, French tutor!

11 Oct 2020

Sophie says !Hola!

Time to meet Spanish tutor Sophie Lane!

11 Oct 2020

Bonjour & Hallo from Beryl!

A 'Hallo!' from French & German tutor Beryl Shedden :)

08 Oct 2020

Guten Tag from Rosie!

Meet German tutor Rosie Waygood!

08 Oct 2020

Irene y sus amigas van de senderismo 4

Let´s do some hiking with Irene and her friends. They had a fanstastic day surrounded by nature and wild animals. Best for Y10 higher and Y11.

02 Oct 2020

Irene visita a sus padres (3)

Come with Irene on a trip to the seaside! She is visiting her parents. Best for: Yr8 higher & Yr9 :)

29 Sep 2020

Irene y su mundo (1)

Meet Spanish tutor Irene! In her first video, Irene introduces herself and talks a bit about where she lives. Best for: Yr 8 :)

21 Sep 2020

Irene y su tiempo libre (2)

Find out what Irene likes doing in her spare time (when she's not busy being a fabulous Spanish tutor, that is...) Best for: Yr8 higher level & Yr9 :)

21 Sep 2020