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Social Media 


If you are in to gaming, why don't you have a look at the Spanish YouTuber WithZak. On this channel you will find many videos talking about a variety of different video games.

18 Sep 2020


Take a look at Yuya's vlogs on YouTube. Yuya is a Mexican YouTuber who vlogs about makeup, hairstyles and her daily life.

18 Sep 2020


Take a look at Heyitspriscila's YouTube Channel and discover beauty and lifestyle tips from this Mexican vlogger.

17 Sep 2020

Mis Pastelitos

If you love cakes and all things colourful, you should take a look at the YouTuber Mis Pastelitos. Expect to see giant donuts and ten tiered cakes!

15 Sep 2020

Juanpa Zurita

If you enjoy watching funny videos and crazy challenge videos, then you should definitely follow the Mexican born YouTube star Juanpa Zurita.

14 Sep 2020

Le Rire Jaune

These two award winning Belgium comedians are constantly challenging and mocking stereotypes. They talk fast but their sketches are very funny.

13 Oct 2020


This ex-police officer mixes comedy, pop songs and travels with her mum in this fun vlog. Age rating 15+

13 Oct 2020


Cyprien is a hugely successful vlogger with 13.8 million subscribers. His vlogs are highly amusing, often mocking the trials and tribulations of millennials, politics and social media. His vlogs keep you engaged by switching from his bedroom to locations that relate to what he’s talking about. Age Rating 15+

12 Oct 2020

Learn French While Cooking

This vlog does exactly what it says on tin! Amateur chef Pierre, with his drawn-on, comedy moustache, explains in simple and slow French how to cook a traditional recipe.

11 Oct 2020