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Susanne Hauser-Braun


Susanne is a qualified MFL and TEFL Teacher, has a German degree as Educator & Learning Coach and holds a Master’s in Education (Professional Studies). She also is a qualified Designated Safeguarding Lead and held a number of leadership positions throughout her school career.

Susanne has many years of experience in teaching German across all key stages as a classroom Teacher and private Tutor and won the UK German Teacher Award in 2013. She is passionate about teaching languages with a smile and making her native language accessible for others by using mnemonics and other helpful techniques. 

Susanne believes that languages are an amazing door to the world and she and her family have lived and worked in several different countries. A German native speaker, she is also fluent in English and can further communicate in Norwegian, Kiswahili, Swabian and French – with varying levels of success. 

Susanne presently lives in Southern Germany. If she is not tutoring or busy reading and planning her next trip, you can usually find her outdoors on long walks with her Swiss mountain dog Lotta.

Susanne tutors German for the Language Locker.