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Fuel Fandango

For something a bit different, go and have a listen to Fuel Fandango's songs. With their songs you can expect something between flamenco and electronica.

18 Sep 2020


CNCO are Latin America's top boy band. You may know them from the remix that they did with Little Mix 'Reggaeton Lento'. Go and have a listen to their catchy songs.

17 Sep 2020


Maluma is a famous Columbian Reggaeton and Latin Pop singer. Take a look at his YouTube channel to listen to his songs such as 'Chantaje' that he recorded with Shakira.

16 Sep 2020

Laura Buitrago

Head over to YouTube to listen to Laura Buitrago's covers of popular songs in Spanish.

15 Sep 2020

Alvaro Soler

Alvaro Soler is a Spanish Folk Pop Singer. Go and have a listen to his songs, especially the famous 'El mismo sol' which features Jennifer Lopez.

14 Sep 2020


Keep up to date with all the new hits in France. You can live stream the station, listen to podcasts and interviews or watch new music videos from this site.

10 Nov 2020

Skyrock FM Radio Station

This French radio station is dedicated to playing the latest Rock, Pop and R&B. Hit the play button on the landing page to listen to live shows and music.

21 Oct 2020

Beyoncé (si yo fuera un chico)

Reinforce the subjunctive with this relaxing song. Best for Y10 and Y11.

15 Oct 2020

Ele (Tu granito de arena)

This song has an amazing and deep lyric. It was used for an advert during the pandemic. Best for Y11 and A Level.

15 Oct 2020

Luz Casal (Piensa en mi)

Practise the subjunctive with this lovely song from a famous Spanish film called "Tacones lejanos".

15 Oct 2020

Christine and the Queens

Christine broke through to the UK charts in 2014 with this hit. Her breakthrough album 'Chaleur Humaine', has a mixture of French and English songs which cover thought provoking topics.

14 Oct 2020

Bigflo & Oli

These two rapping brothers from Toulouse are fairly new to the pop scene. They have gained a big following thanks to their mellow beats and meaningful lyrics.

07 Oct 2020

Céline Dion

'Pour que tu m'aimes encore' launched the Canadian singer to superstardom. Her album D'eux is the biggest selling French language album of all time, selling over 10 million copies! It's also the first album Vittoria ever bought.

07 Oct 2020

Daft Punk

Daft Punk have been an international success since the mid 1990's but did you know they are French? Their collaborations with Pharrell Williams and The Weekend have made them regulars in the charts and has helped them win an army of new fans.

07 Oct 2020

David Guetta

Love him or loath him the Guetta can guarantee to get you off your seat and dancing !

07 Oct 2020


This song 'Eisbär' (polar bear) is good for learning the subjunctive in German. Electronica from the early 1980s!

06 Oct 2020


Kraftwerk are probably one of the pioneers of electronic music (early techno!) - check out the album Autobahn. Rammstein loved it so much that they covered it.

06 Oct 2020


Known for their big rock ballads, Silbermond are always on social media. They have supported Green Day - give them a listen!

06 Oct 2020

Wir sind Helden

Wir sind Helden are very popular in Germany and are influenced by the Neue Deutsche Welle movement. 'Nur ein Wort' is probably one of their most famous songs. Bitte gib mir nur ein „Oh!“

06 Oct 2020

BB Brunes

The Brunes have been constantly in the French charts since the mid noughties. Their songs are unashamedly pop with an Indie vibe. They have successfully covered Supergrass' 'Alright' and even dallied singing in English before returning to their native language and achieving numerous hits.

01 Oct 2020

Julien Doré

Julien Doré is a French singer-songwriter, musician and actor. His style of music can be described as laid back electro-pop with eclectic lyrics.

01 Oct 2020


Stromae is the successful Belgium artist who has even had a hit in the UK with 'Alors on danse' in 2010. He mixes different genres to create catchy tunes and has been compared to the late Jacques Brel due to his clever and poetic lyrics.

01 Oct 2020

MC Solaar

MC Solaar has had a hugely successful career since '90's and is considered by many as France's most influential hip hop artist... He's certainly a firm favourite with Shân and Lynnette :D

25 Sep 2020

Albert Pla (Sufre como yo)

This video will help you to practise the subjunctive. Albert is a singer- songwriter from Barcelona.

01 Jan 1970