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Bienvenue from Shân!

Bienvenue/welcome from Shân, owner/director of The Language Locker!

01 Jan 1970

Hallihallo from Susanne!

German tutor Susanne says Hallihallo and introduces herself :)

01 Jan 1970

Bonjour and Hallo from Beryl!

Beryl, French and German tutor, says hello!

04 Nov 2020

Bonjour from Vittoria!

Meet French tutor Vittoria!

04 Nov 2020

Guten Tag from Rosie!

Meet Rosie, one of our fabulous German tutors!

04 Nov 2020

Salut, hola from Isabelle!

French and Spanish tutor Isabelle says hi!

04 Nov 2020

Sophie says ¡Hola!

Spanish tutor Sophie introduces herself!

04 Nov 2020

¡Hola! from Irene

Spanish tutor Irene says Hola from Seville!

04 Nov 2020