The Language Locker site will be launching September 2021

If you'd like to join a waiting list for membership,

or have an urgent need for a French, German or Spanish tutor,

then please don't hesitate to get in touch! 

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The Language Locker has been created by teaching professionals who recognise that the journey of learning a second language is a long one, and students who are supported along the way grow into confident, independent learners. 

Every member of The Language Locker has access to a range of help options through a personalised dashboard; providing support whenever they need it, in a format that suits them best.


Online 1:1 Tutor Sessions

There are times when you need to go through a language problem in more depth with someone to really get to grips with it. Or you might have a speaking assessment coming up and need someone to practise with: our tutors can give you the feedback you need to raise your game – and your marks.

This is where our Face-to-Face Help comes in: 1:1 sessions with a French, German or Spanish tutor, delivered securely through Zoom.

Your membership includes a 30-minute 'check-in' session with a tutor every month. If you need more regular contact, booking is quick, easy and prices are reduced because you're a member. Choose a quick 10-minute slot to check an assignment or homework task, or book 30 or 50 minutes for in-depth learning, assignment preparation or revision sessions. For prices, go to the Membership page.


Safe Student-Tutor Messaging

Our Live Chat online messaging service enables you to talk to one of our tutors and quickly get the help you need to move on with your work.

We are live online every Monday to Friday 4-6pm for Homework Clinic, so go ahead and share what’s troubling you: we’re there to help you move from “stuck” to “success”.

And because we know that not everyone likes to work at the same time, we pop online outside of those times as well: If the green light is on, then help is at hand.


Learning resources

We have gathered our resources and produced hundreds of high-quality relevant goodies only available through The Language Locker: The really helpful stuff.

Searchable by language and level, this is a treasure trove of content to encourage independent learning, grow vocabulary and hone language skills in French, German or Spanish.

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey in Year 7, embarking on a new GCSE or refining your linguistic skill at A’Level, you are always going to need fresh material to help you achieve your best.

We keep this area updated with Cheat Sheets on tricky grammar points, Vocab Sheets for all the right topics and Skill Drills for listening, reading, speaking and writing practice.


Foreign language entertainment         

Foreign language music, films and TV are such valuable resources for those of us trying to master a second language; they enrich vocabulary, develop our listening skills, foster cultural awareness and are just plain good entertainment.

Getting stuck into a Spanish serial on Netflix or opting for French radio as the soundtrack to your homework are perfect ways to power up your language skill set and the place to find inspiration is our Media Zone.