Five Top Tips to Motivate Language Learners through Music

Experienced teacher and tutor for The Language Locker Isabelle Jones loves to incorporate music into her lessons where she can. Here, she shares her top tips for using music as a motivator for her lucky students.

02 Nov 2020

2021 GCSE Language exam changes: the lowdown

Are you taking your GCSEs in 2021? Language exams will look different next year...German and French tutor Netty takes us through the main changes.

09 Nov 2020

Fun Ideas for Independent Language Learning: Using Technology

How can we encourage our young language learners to be independent? Technology is on our side here - there are many online tools available to help foster this vital skill and throw in a dose of fun at the same time. The Language Locker tutor Lynnette Ketchell takes us through her current favourites.

05 Oct 2020

Can foreign language films and series help with language learning?

A good-news screen story!: Watching films and series in the language they are learning can be really beneficial to your child. Spanish tutor Sophie Lane shares her top tips for getting the most out of this win-win screen time opportunity.

14 Sep 2020

Homeschooling in the Time of Coronavirus

Homeschooling has been an unexpected - and tough - challenge for many families - ours included! Here we share our tips for surviving Term Six...

07 Sep 2020